Design at Venetian Casino

person3On top of a lot of bucket lists is a visit to Venice. But it’s a slog to get there, always crowded, and in reality not the friendliest city ever. So wouldn’t it be perfect if you could get the whole Venetian experience without all that bother? And have a little wager, too? Well you’re in luck, because you can! Instead of Italy, think USA.

On the east side of the Las Vegas strip stands the Venetian Hotel and Casino resort, and it’s not just a classy name. This is the world’s second largest hotel complex, where all the splendor and wonder of Venice has been recreated in painstaking detail for your pleasure. With a world-beating selection of table games, slots, and daily tournaments, there is no reason to go elsewhere for your flutter fix. But it is its aesthetic glory that will surely hold you.


person4As you enter the lobby of the Venetian you are greeted by a visual spectacle – the Armillary Sphere – standing in front of a frescoed ceiling. This ‘window on the heavens’ harkens back to Venice’s great scientific minds. With its ornate design of interlocking rings, all gilded and oozing grandeur, the sphere sets the tone for an opulent, classy experience. Go to the Palazzo lobby and you will stand there entranced by Samuel G. Bocchicchio’s sculpture Acqua di Cristallo. This water sculpture is adorned on its sides with elegant figures, while the water enchantingly reflects light around the space. You may, however, get a stiff neck from the ceilings, resplendent with frescoes that replicate originals by masters such as Paolo Veronese.

Venice, Only Better

person5The incredibly faithful and accurate recreation of St Mark’s square will make you believe you are really there. You can sip a café latte – or in my case a beer – in the plaza before taking that gondola ride you had long imagined. But her crowning glory is in the hotel and casino’s architecture, a distinctly Venetian passion, and the iconic Campanile tower is nothing short of a Vegas landmark. The historic tower, where Galileo demonstrated his invention of the telescope, marks the Venetian as a cut above.

But what if you cant afford it?

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