Best Of Britain Fashion Designers

Britain fashion designers are quite influential in the world of fashion. It is not just in the UK. The best British designers have taken the whole world by storm. Most of them continue to influence how people dress and style themselves.

History tells us that the very first couturier is in fact, British. Although Charles Frederick Worth was working in Paris back then, he is a native of Bourne, England before he built his career. In his prime, he became the preferred designer of the court. He created lavish and elegant gowns that made a statement because each one was quite elaborate.

The truth is, the talent in fashion design in Britain is considered to be unrivaled. While Paris and Italy have also produced great talent, the contribution of British fashion designers in the industry cannot be disputed.

About the best British fashion designers

Of all the Britain fashion designers, there are a couple who have left their mark in fashion history.

Vivienne Westwood

Dame Vivienne Westwood is an international household name. Her name is on one of the top fashion houses that the UK has ever seen. One of the trends that she started was punk. Her designs caught the eye of the world and the punk look never left the fashion scene. It had been appreciated by all generations. The popularity of the punk look made it possible for her to open four stores in London. Eventually, the success of her store allowed her to open more across the country. Her style and designs also held political reasoning – something that increased her popularity as a fashion designer. The way she used her design to mean something to society proves just how influential she can really be – even beyond the fashion industry.

Alexander McQueen

He is the late Alex McQueen – a man with a lot of talent when it comes to expressing his creativity through fashion. He was the front of Givenchy for 5 years – beginning in 1996. He first caught the eye of Isabella Blow – the famous fashion stylist. This association helped pave the way for his career and soon, he had his own label. Thanks to the mentorship of Isabella, he was able to put out collections like “Birds” and “McQueen’s Theatre of Cruelty”. Even after the tragic end of his life, his influence in the fashion industry continues to shine through – specifically the way he combined fashion and technology.

Stella McCartney

Despite the rocky start of her career, Stella McCartney proved that she can overcome all the odds. After graduating from the Central Saint Martins back in 1995, she started to make a name for herself – starting from her controversial graduation show with models like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. By 1997, she became the creative director of Chloe and in 2001, she was able to open her own company. With 18 stand-alone stores all over the world, she continues to provide impressive designs in menswear, womenswear, lingerie, and skincare. She even teamed up with Adidas in designing womenswear. Probably one of the defining traits of her designs is her refusal to use fur – in support of PETA.

These are only some of the Britain fashion designers that you need to get to know. For sure, more talent will emerge in the years to come. After all, they have a lot of icons to look up to and emulate.

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