Sustainable UK Fashion Brands

In this day and age, everyone is beginning to think about the environment a lot more, and rightly so. I for one have been trying to live a much more sustainable lifestyle in everything that I do. It started with eating less meat, but now, as I continue to buy clothes, I started to consider this area of my life as well.

With all that in mind, I decided that I needed to take stock, and see if I can actually find clothes that are fully sustainable within the UK. The answer is, yes I can, and you can too.

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People Tree

This is one of my favourite sustainable brands. It’s a pioneer in the ethical fashion world and has even got a Guaranteed Status as a member of the World Fair Trade organisation. The brand makes stunning and versatile pieces that are from various GOTS-certified fabrics including organic cotton and linens. The pieces often have incredibly vibrant patterns too, making them stand out visually as well as ethically.


Looking for accessories to go with some of your outfits? I know I am. And this is where MAHI comes in. This is a UK-based leather brand that uses cork instead of animal skin. Each of the bags they create is made to order only. They come with a sustainable cotton lining too so that everything is ethical from top to bottom. Better yet, you can even personalise some of the items and get a monogram on them too.


As you might have guessed, this is another thoughtful brand. This one is based in North London and makes sure that not only the planet but the people involved are cared for. Their clothes are made from hemp, Tencel, bamboo, modal, wool and more. Better still, they source all of their fabrics from trusted suppliers and build long-lasting relationships with them too. The brand isn’t just aimed at women like some of the others around but offers a great selection of men’s clothes too.

What do I think?

This is literally the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sustainable clothing in the UK. There are many more brands that also offer stunning, ethically sourced clothes. Some other notable mentions include Bagamaya for more accessories, Rapanui and Komodo. With so many options popping up, I am not sure I will ever shop in a chain store again. Check out some of these brands today and I’m sure you’re going to feel the same way!

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