About Me

person1This is the part where I introduce myself, right? OK, you asked for it.

I’m Sean, a twenty-two-year-old Londoner, and this city is mine for the taking. Not because I’m Sloane Square born and bred, I most certainly am not. Nor am I the privileged offspring of a foreign business tycoon sequestered here for overpriced private schooling.

In truth I am the son of a mediocre English journalist and a long-ago-absconded Irish carpenter, which could be the background for a heady love story, but it isn’t. It’s a glum tale of drink and bad weather. So how could this city be mine, this city that once headed an empire and defies fire to destroy it? It is, was, and will be mine because I breathe the breath it gives me and I decorate its beating heart.

An Act of Worship

person2You might call it vandalism, tagging, graffiti, or even street art, but what I do by night is more an act of worship than any of those. Under the cover of darkness my paint cans and I perform a ritual, a demonstration of the symbiotic relationship between the city and me. You may have happened across the results of my labours. They started as small, shy daubings under bridges and down blind alleys. But now, in a single night I can transform the shutters of your local Tesco into a mural of a tedious hipster riding his stupid fixie bike into the Thames. Seen it? If you had, you’d certainly remember my slogan: Save London from Yourself.

That’s my mission: to illuminate the darkest corners of our capital with stencils and spray paint. To open the city dweller’s eyes with colour and a message – we and the streets are one. This blog is the place where I will post my output to ensure its widest audience and, no doubt, occasionally wax lyrical about making art that is in, about, and of the city. After all, London may be mine, but it is yours, too. I’m just making it more beautiful for all of us.